Law & Order: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver talks about the feverishly well-liked tv franchise, what it is been instructing us about law enforcement, and some tricks for how to get to sleep in two minutes flat.

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  1. Maybe next week John Oliver can blame Marilyn Manson for school shootings?

  2. The entire Law & Order franchise has been vilifying people with bipolar disorder for decades. They make it seem like they are monsters. Maybe there should be a class action suit.

  3. Warren Leight saying “every writer has pitched the Innocence Project series” was sadly informative regarding just how mired Hollywood is in copaganda.

  4. The Baked Baker413

    Me and my criminal law class in college had the same discussion after a professor brought up how annoying shows like CSI and law & order were in regards to actual criminal justice. Our professor was a defense lawyer for Guantanamo Bay detainees, Buzz was one of the best teachers ive ever had.

  5. John Oliver you are a treasure💖

  6. John should have referenced Ellie Mystal from his seminal book on American injustice: Allow me to Retort.

  7. This is why 10cc is one of the best bands ever! They always made references to crazy stuff going on in the world 🌎! They have a fun and nicely done song called “I’m Mandy, Fly Me” 😂 👍

  8. Shout out to my buddy B who’s tattoo is now famous lmao

  9. Congratulations John

  10. I hope they have an episode where those bastards at the SVU all get shot and bleed out on the sidewalk

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