LaVar says LaMelo will be 2020 No. 1 pick, talks Alan Foster and Lonzo-Zion connection | First Take

LaVar Ball speaks to Stephen A. Smith about Alan Foster and the future of the Big Baller Brand, LaMelo Ball’s 2020 NBA draft fate and Lonzo and Zion Williamson’s longtime connection.

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  1. Why would Stephen A. Have that dumb ass on! Lost all respect for him and his show

  2. Lavar has gone off the deep end. ?

  3. Did y’all know that Lavar means to wash in Spanish? ?

  4. What the of the girl? She’s so fucking gorgeous ???

  5. Awesom2beme lonestar

    Lavar ball…Lonzo gon avg a triple double the entire season and become the NBA finals MVP in 2020…. and Big Baller Brand will sky rocket on the stock market…???

  6. BigBearSoulmusiq

    ” Ain’t nobody talkin bout no damn lavar” ,”YES THEY AARRHH!”I

  7. lavar claims that the lakers are going to win 0 championships w/o lonzo. ok but… the lakers didn’t win shit w/ lonzo either so his argument is moot. his sons are nothing but bums. they will never achieve any kind of greatness.

  8. Heavens to Murgatroyd

    Why don’t you get some of that glue on hair to enhance your video presence?

  9. The only person to make Stephen A. seem like a level headed person.

  10. tbh this new New Orleans Core kinda reminds me of the young OKC when Westbrook, Harden, and KD were all together. I know they all different but they might have that same success since all these dudes under 22 .

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