LaVar Ball on Lonzo being in trade rumours for AD, talks Lakers title hopes & LeBron | NBA | THE HERD

LaVar Ball joins Colin Cowherd to debate his son Lonzo Ball, the Los Angeles Lakers and more. He chimes in on Lonzo being in trade rumours involving the New Orleans Pelicans, talks Magic Johnson leaving the Lakers, his partnership with LeBron James and the hiring of Frank Vogel as the new head coach.

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  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Should Lonzo Ball be part of a potential trade package for AD?

  2. Lonzo is good probably never be great. Worst thing to happen to Lonzo was Lavar gassing him up to everybody, then understandably not living up to the MEGA HYPE. Not fair to Zo

  3. Mark Jaramillo

    Colin needs to let Lavar know he has some muenster cheese stuck to his teeth

  4. This dude is a such a ridiculous chauvinist.

    Says the only thing that would surprise him in this world is his wife leaving him, which, k…………..

    Then follows up the next line of questioning by pointing out that Jeanie Buss is listening to Linda Rambis because they are friends and then reminds everyone that the saying “the bad guy in the room” is the “bad GUY, ain’t no bad woman”….



    It is not difficult to make the case that the Lakers are poorly ran right now. Sdon’t have to make it about Jeanie being a woman.

    Dang. And Cowherd just breezes by. Sad!

  5. I would love to see Lakers trade Lonzo Ingram 4th pick for A.davis
    Zo and Zion man they will wreck in years to come

  6. Lavar is strong minded to run lakers as dumb as I sound quoting this. Yet I say strong minded . Note that he might not make the right decisions

  7. Stay in Yo Lane. Neva Laost.

  8. “Jesus Can’t Tell Me Not To Talk” -LaVar Ball.

  9. Keep lonzo

  10. Lavar is the reason for Kristine’s success. Nobody care about her before him.

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