Lava Vs Bulletproof Glass!

These are the most crazy technology experiments you will EVER see, anyplace! Watch the video clip to look at what happens to the grenade…

Lava Vs Bulletproof Glass!



  1. do they all have a youtube channel?
    (refering to the guys reacting.)
    or is it all in one channel?

  2. Alexander esz-campbell

    5:21 its over 9000

  3. FULL SUPPORT!!!! for socksfor1

  4. Its not even lava it is molten aliminium

  5. WRY WAS THIS SCAR5Yn 5:05

  6. When the washing machine was there my brain went: Just imagine putting a child in there

  7. Socks: Sees how to make obsidian

    Is That How U Get To The NeTher IRL?????

    Me: boi u gat to die first

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