Landing A Plane On The World’s Smallest Runway (7 Star Hotel Helipad)

Pilot Luke Czepiela lands an aeroplane on the world renowned helipad on top of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the iconic seven-star hotel in Dubai. To land on the helipad, 27m in diameter, he finished over 650 practice landings before the attempt on top of the 56-story hotel. He needed just 20.76 meters to stop. To make the stunt feasible he and a team of CubCrafters engineers along with famed American aviation engineer and aircraft builder Mike Patey made a bunch of modifications to the aircraft, decreasing the total weight to only 425 kilograms, moving the main fuel tank to the rear of the plane to permit for more aggressive braking and adding nitrous to enhance power for Czepiela’s secondary challenge – taking off from the helipad.

Take flight with Luke and see even more from the landing here:

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  1. Nope. That’s not a runway. That’s a helipad.

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  3. couldnt find a woman to do it?

  4. I think that’s a custom Carbon Cub SS

  5. Start at 1:30

  6. Impressive. Very impressive.

  7. I’d fly with an Alaskan bush pilot, never with you. Bush pilots can literally drop their planes on a dime.

  8. How in the hot fudge can anyone LAND on that thing?

  9. This just makes me think there are some narco smugglers out there that have done some much sketchier landings.

  10. yeah so whats the point of stupid stunt, and if something happen and he died it would have been , he was so brave and what great pilot,oh yeah how stupid he was to try this dumbass stunt, not impressed

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