Lana Del Rey – Doin Time



  1. I live for 2:01 till 2:04

  2. Justo lo q necesitaba laniiiita❤️?

  3. There is a very big problem with you Lana…you just can’t , just can’t make a bad song?

  4. Shubham Mudafare


  5. Leonardo Digiosia

    amazing cover wow

  6. A bop

  7. ICONIC.♡

  8. Spoopy MoonCritter

    Should be doing time for this hideous loudmouth racket. Fucking AWFUL… Not even original… A rip off…
    Fucking sad… Is nobody in 2019 able to be original? Do something new??


  9. Roger Gonçalves

    Delícia de som ❤? não decepciona nunca né mulher ?

  10. Jensen Sheyense

    Summertime has come Again!

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