LaMelo Ball GOES AT SHIFTY Former NBA POINT GUARD at The Drew w/ Shaq & Lonzo Watching!!!

LaMelo Ball vs SHIFTY PPG Pierre Jackson at the Drew League today with Shaq, LaVar, Lonzo and Gelo viewing!


  1. Braiden Hollers

    Great passer but trash ass shot

  2. Apex season 2?

  3. Who’s the fat fuck in blue? Rick Ross JR???

  4. Naw ya timeout during an airball. Seems like a legit game. Mello loses the handle on someone he should outclass as far agility goes and the crowd got mad. Funniest line I heard dropped by any ref “physics sucks.”

  5. That announcer really needs to stfu

  6. So will Lamelo be the #1 pick in next year’s draft like his Dad says? ??

  7. Put it on 25% speed idiots. Was a fucking flop. Morons, you people are some dumb ass bastards. He falls before even touching him ball flys out when he is 3 feet away. Then flails like a bitch, it don’t work and he jumps up like nothing happened. You guys drink to much meth koolaid

  8. Bahahahahaha, Melo the feminine fellow!

  9. Can anyone it dat fam shoot consistently DAM!

  10. Every video its always unathletic weirdos who says his shot is trash or he can’t do this or that he is just 17 and he can score 30 when ever he wants?

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