Lakers need to hold on to Kyle Kuzma for dear life – Stephen A. Smith | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman of First Take get into a heated debate on whether the Los Angeles Lakers need to trade Kyle Kuzma for another NBA star. Stephen A. clarifies why the Lakers should hold on to Kuzma for dear life and try to sign Anthony Davis.

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  1. Hold on to my boy @Lakers

  2. what nonsense is Max talking. Indian was not willing to take ANY deal from LA for PG13. They traded him to OKC just out of spite.


    *Keep Kuzma, Lonzo, Hart, Rondo, JaVale, Tyson, Lance. Get rid of the rest, add the first round pick. Get 2 or 3 more good players. Lakers in the Finals*

  4. This Kid is way overrated… no defense, very selfish… I would just keep Zo and take rest of “young core”…

  5. How would we sign a third star AND keep all of our young guys? We only had slots for two max contracts available and LeBron already has one. Fuck outta here, Max.

  6. Trade Ingram for beal

  7. Really ridiculous how the supposed king is going to be pleased by ruining careers rather than changing his style to players with a similar and improving style that outnumber him.

  8. Good vs bad. Fuckin getting old ESPN or Sportcenter. Garbage 10 years of this stupid shit. Fire these assholes and get some new blood. Term limits

  9. Not getting Paul G is a huge lost for the Lakers

  10. Kuzma is going to lead the lakers once lebron leaves or retire. Kuzma, ball, inhram, hart is the future of the lakers.

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