Lakers ‘authorized competitor’ after buying and selling for Anthony Davis – Adrian Wojnarowski | SportsCenter

Adrian Wojnarowski breaks down how the Los Angeles Lakers obtained Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans via trade. Woj clarifies the Lakers will be buying and selling Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and three 1st-round picks for Davis. Wojnarowski says the Lakers are paying a steep price for Davis, but ultimately it is the deal “LA had to make.”

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  1. Good trade. Lakers are still going nowhere.

  2. Kawhi joins the Lakers and it’s over

  3. Charles Cummings Sr

    3 against 5 for the Lakers.

  4. New Orleans will be like the Lakes, no chemistry. So many odd skill sets together, it’s gonna be a circus show. Zion will have to take a on a role like giannis and force easy buckets or he’s not going to average many ppg.

  5. Lebron can’t win by himself, he went to Miami with wade, Shaq, Bosh, payton, William, and Allen, Cleveland with kyrie, and love.. Kawhi won with bench players and players that weren’t drafted.

  6. I dont get how there contenders Anthony davis didnt make the playoffs neither did lebron. LeBron is 34 going on 35 coming off an injury anthony davis is really good but still not that player to lead to the playoffs maybe this will be his year but they got rid of 3 players who have been growing and getting better for LA now there gone idk who’s going to fit there role Kyle kuzma is there next best option. If they get another all star or another young talented player I’ll start considering it but with just Kyle kuzma lebron and anthony davis I dont think so also a new coach that can also be an issue along with a new gm…

  7. Lebron could never win with just Pippen

  8. Tevarious Tyner

    So who’s giving up the number 23 ?????

  9. Why? Lonzo was to win the Lakers the NBA championship in his 1st year. Right Dad?

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