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After being down by as many as 27 points, the Los Angeles Lakers complete the biggest comeback of the season by overcoming the Dallas Mavericks, 111-108. Anthony Davis filmed 30 points, 15 rebounds and 4 assists for the Lakers, while LeBron James added 26 points and 8 rebounds in the victory. Luka Doncic summed 26 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists for the Mavericks. The Lakers improve to 29-32, while the Mavericks fall to 32-30.


  1. Romance The Romantic Truth

    NOW That’s A play off looking team! Much needed win!

  2. Comeback

  3. It’s amazing how many calls they give the lakers jesus

  4. Cheyenne Cobarrubias

    One Of THE MOST EPIC Choke Jobs Of All Time. And It Was Made All The More Legit Because The Crowd Was Into It. And It Was Kyrie In Full Effect And You Add Luka In His Prime With Hardaway Jr. Ballin Against A Banged Up James In Year 20. And A Paper Thin A D. MINUS WESTBROOK And No D.LOW… YO! EPIC.

    • Cheyenne Cobarrubias

      Some How Some Way Once Again The Lakers Wind Up In Hoop History. It Was Like Kobe To Shaq Against Portland All Over Again.

  5. Thats why lt’s even better that they don’t traded dodo and dinwidie. Time by time They should be adjusting to be a great team. I’m agree with Giannis quote.

  6. Good game Dallas

  7. tae yan,pinapapasok lng lakers

  8. Gotta say, Laker’s ball movement has improved a lot.

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