Lake-Effect Snowstorm ‘At The Top’ Of Historical Events: Storm Tracker

Storm tracker Brandon Clement says its gridlock on the streets of western New York with some locations of the state witnessing five feet of snow. Clement compares this historical snow fall to an atmospheric river event in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Snow fall rates of 6 inches 60 minutes are being reported in Erie County. #foxweather #climate #snow fall #newyork

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  1. not a big deal, wish my city has some kind of snow like this.

  2. James Hollingsworth

    I wonder how long electric cars can keep the heat on, and how well solar and wind power is working. Go Green!

  3. I’m in Vero Beach, FL and it’s going to be 73 degrees today. We have a cold snap underway down to 60 degrees overnight.

  4. Why why why were people driving when the forecast for days was for crazy amounts of snow? Crazy people. Maybe it is everyone thinking that everything on the media is “fake news” or exaggerations. “Didn’t happen last time they said” mentality. I live on west coast in atmospheric river zone and see it now and again. It is crazy wet when it happens. Check your drainage. The frozen or snow version? No Thanks. Must be terrible. Good luck folks

  5. Don’t blame this weather on lake effects, or any other excuses. Blame it all on your chem trails and aerosol spraying the atmosphere. This is all caused by your globalist agenda, destroying the earth, NOT global warming, obviously! Storms caused by silver nitrite spraying, wreaking havoc, blocking out the sun!

  6. Buffalo will be fine. Love the “misery index.” No marketing there… It’s just snow. I’ve been around it my whole life and lived out there for a 50″ storm. It was kind of nice once I got home and didn’t have to leave again.

  7. Events like these make the “experts” and “scientists” change “global warming” to “climate change” while the rest of us continue to laugh at them.


  8. i get he has a 4×4 lifted truck, but how is everybody stuck and he’s just driving through like there’s no snow at all?? 🤯

  9. Doubt if any record set, I have seen so much lake effect snow fall in one day, it’s amazing

  10. merry christmas 🙂 worlds biggest engines and slick tires

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