lael – im all alone

hey, old friend


  1. Take your time when it comes to coming back.

  2. Hello girl, we missed you so much 🥺💕

  3. I miss her reacting to rap man… not even simpin if y’all askin

  4. So she’s starting a music career, awesome. This is better then her previous content, i fully support this.

  5. Hope you return but take your time, and if you want to do music, do music don’t feel obligated to do reactions

  6. This shit slaps!

  7. We miss you so much lael. You were the very thing that we all looked forward to in our days especially when new music came out we wanted to hear everything you had to say. We know things are rough for you. But it’s ok we all love you. Just read your comment section when you feel lonely we are your family who love so much when needed

  8. I forgot about her

  9. i wanna remix this

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