Lady Gaga Performs ‘Hold My Hand’ at Oscars 2023

Lady Gaga performs the Oscar nominated original song ‘Hold My Hand’ from TOP GUN: MAVERICK at Oscars 2023. See more performance and highlights at and in the ABC app!


  1. She has a gift for interpreting the vibration of the people and putting movement together with words and instruments to speak for all of us. This was the most authentic tender Oscars I’ve ever seen. Her raw simple form here seems like a good sign. We all need authenticity more now than ever.

  2. What an absolutely beautiful and raw performance. Her talent is out of this world. The song and performance left me in tears….

  3. This rendition just ain’t it

  4. She’s beautiful without a make up on! ❤ showing your natural beauty is the in thing right now! She is totally supporting Selena for sure! Just want to throw it out there. Rare Beauty 🎉

  5. Her outfit is awful

  6. She’s just so talented and beautiful

  7. Elenor Sarangaya

    She is so beautiful even without make up i want to hear more music from her truly a magnificent human being

  8. Great performance as always! How refreshing to see a performer like Gaga with no make up. We can see her natural beauty. What a great example especially for young women who think they need tons of makeup to look beautiful.

  9. Just one word……EPIC! 🎸

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