Lady Gaga – Hold My Hand (Live From The Oscars/2023)

Listen to “Hold My Hand” (Music From The Motion Picture “Top Gun: Maverick”):

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  1. Una puta genia, llevo al personaje del joker 2, a los oscar!. 😍😍😍

  2. This performance touched me more than I was expecting. Did a reaction to it on my channel if you want to see how a Little Monster received this amazing show Gaga gave to us.

  3. 🥹🙏♥️

  4. So raw and emotional. She is truly one of the most talented voices of the decade.

  5. Brilliant, just brilliant!!!

  6. Дмитрий Елкин

    Простое, но очень атмосферное и душераздирающее выступление до мурашек!

    Гага — талант, Гага — любовь!

  7. Maria Eugenia Alonso García

    La mejor cantante!!!!

  8. Karini Oliveira Fraga

    I love you so much. Minha artista favorita ❤ obrigada por dividir com o mundo o que tem de melhor, talento… excepcional

  9. Gaga you won it…😊you’re a true superstar. 😃

  10. My favourite artist….🤗😄

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