Lady brings home an ‘old’ refuge dog. Then finds his real age.

Female brings home an ‘old’ safe haven dog. Then finds his real age.

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  1. So Adorable Leo 🐶🐕🐕….

  2. it is a little odd to say a dog doesnt know how to be a dog because he never lived inside… but happy he has such a great life now.

  3. It’s the oldest most unique interspecies friendship on the planet….more than 30,000 years and still going strong. Long before the written language, long before the wheel, long before the first city, long before the first planted seed of grain…..the dog sat by our side as friends and family.

  4. The dog 🐕 looks like he wants coffee ☕️! Get that dog 🐕 some coffee ☕️ 😮

  5. Bless you

  6. lis brito-domenech

    Que bello, gracias por adoptarlo, bendiciones 😊

  7. What a sweet heart.

  8. A perfect video for observing how delusional people project

  9. He’s such a good boy, im not crying I swear

  10. He didn’t look senior to me when the video started to me at least in the face. What a beautiful dog with lots of personality, So glad he got adopted to live a beautiful life. Everyone got blessed.

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