Welcome to the very first episode of my new series, Kylie’s Glam Bar.

In each episode I’ll be joined by some of my closest friends and family to create a one of a kind glam look while sharing tales over sips, shots and custom-made cocktails motivated by the look of the day. I am so eager to kick off the series with none other than my mother, Kris Jenner.

Join us for a martini-themed makeover as we introduce the new Kris Collection by Kylie Cosmetics, launching September 14 at 9am pst only on


  1. These two are adorable. Love their obvious bond. So fun to watch. Many laughs. 😂

  2. she for real needed all 3 ads, isn’t she rich enough

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  4. Your family is trash! #Teamrayj

  5. They have such a wonderful vibe together,

  6. Love this, the vibes are 🤌🏻💗 so perf

  7. ملاك سنوسب


  8. Garbage. Came across this by accident, block, remove and hopefully never see ever again.

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