Kyle Larson and Bubba Wallace FIGHT after crash at Las Vegas | NASCAR ON FOX HIGHLIGHTS

Kyle Larson and Bubba Wallace fight on-track after crash off turn four at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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  1. Can’t see what Larson did wrong he didn’t even touch bubba

  2. Humberto Sandoval

    Just think about the protests, rioting and looting that would happen if the roles were reversed. So glad people are finally waking up to the bs. Bubba needs to get suspended asap.

    • The only riot that would happen if Kyle Larson shoved Bubba would be Bubba’s fist protesting all over Larson’s face! LOL!

  3. Bubba Wallace is getting a lot of extra scrutiny from this comments section. I wonder why….

  4. If it was the other way around they would burn the city down

  5. I wonder how many hockey fans will switch to NASCAR.

  6. Center Of The Earth Mining

    We all know nothing will happen to Bubba but if it was anyone else………

  7. Kick him out

  8. No more NASCAR till Wallace is gone

  9. Derrick Dinwiddie

    Cry baby Wallace… get a grip dude. You weren’t in any danger of spinning out, you just tapped the wall and were fine. Deal with it.

  10. Lol dude didn’t even defend himself, what an absolute P***y…same as the fragile wokes at the comment section crying this is bullying lmao

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