Kris Jenner Reorganizes Kylie’s House When She’s Not Home

James’s visitors Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner join him on the sofa, and they celebrate the fact that Kylie is here although she badly hurt her knee just the day prior to this. Kylie shares a tale of a keychain that she stole from a friend’s residence as a little girl and then lied about for years before coming to tidy to Kris. Then Kris discusses wrapping gifts and selling candles as a kid, and Kylie shares how Kris will reorganize her residence when she’s not around. And Kylie talks about her new cosmetics collection encouraged by Kris.

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  1. the codependency is real

  2. Now that is a SUIT. 👏 👏

  3. God shes so lost poor thing being controlled by mum…

  4. Like how she says she “took” the keychain, makes it sound innocent vs. she stole it from her friend! I’m sure she has been taught by Kris to minimalize her wrongs. But she was a young kid, I had a friend who was 15, 16, and she stole a vintage bracelet that my Nan gave to me! Maybe someday she will return it to me? One can hope.

  5. Kris is literally controlling all her words and is giving guidance when she is thinking about what to say ….they are definitely lying too, about the place they were scating and stuff

  6. hi everyone👋. please make or do carpool with Miss Cheryl Porter Vocal Coach.

  7. If everyone had a mom with the personal and mental qualities of Kris Jenner there would be much more smart, educated and motivated kids out there.

  8. I love how close they are, always touching her mums hand 🥰

  9. You look amazing Kylie 😍

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