Kris and Kylie Go Live to Celebrate the Launch of the Kris Collection

Join Kylie and Kris as they make martinis, answer your questions and flaunt the new Kris Collection by Kylie Cosmetics.


  1. Kylie you should of named one “can’t talk I’m filming”🎥!!!!!

  2. I love you kylie ❤

  3. Steph_-an 👋 〰️ 🌊

    I know what ya can do on Thursday 0:30
    At 12:00
    From down b_low

  4. Stephie Calligraphy

    Kris ought to be ashamed of herself. God didn’t give her those beautiful girls so she could be their Pimp. How can someone prostitute their own children and then prance about as though she’s mom of the year?

    Thank God Ray J finally got enough of their lies and media spin regarding what really happened with those tapes. No one is surprised, but it’s high time this sick family was exposed and defrocked.

    Exploiting real victims and #metoo to grow your fortune and fame should be a criminal act. I pray he sues them for all they’re worth.

    I never liked the Kardashian girls, they are the epitome of everything wrong with America and the west. But I feel sorry for those girls after learning what was really going on behind the scenes. It’s no wonder they’re so messed up and lack any discernable moral compass.

    Truly, and unfortunately, the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree.

  5. A mom and daughter combo DOUCHE BAGS…just go away you disgusting pigs

    Throughout the history Armenia has been seeking peace, but since 2020 these endeavors have lead to war only.
    In 2020 Azerbaijan

  7. Ai robots are so real these days.
    Or fake….I forget

  8. I demand to know about what happened to the parakeets 😂

  9. A stormi part 2 would be cool or the new baby

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