Kodak Black – Closure EP – I’m Off That [Official Audio]

Kodak Black – Closure EP – I’m Off That

The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Kodak Black.

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  1. good for u kodak

  2. HipHop Promotion

    Hope you read the comments bro! I love you man, we love you man, they not on your level. You made history, no words can explain you, keep moving forward yak 🔥🏆

  3. Damnnnnn fireee

  4. lol jackboy got 72 hours to respond

  5. never disappoints

  6. Best Rapper Alive of this generation hands down 🔥

  7. Is this only on YouTube

  8. B9wman scaryety

  9. Weenuk 1 askr lightr anktva

  10. Brier lf loghty thx brier matty

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