Klay Thompson will not be departing the Warriors following All-NBA snub – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

Jalen Rose clarifies why Klay Thompson’s snub from an All-NBA team means that Thompson will not be leaving the Golden State Warriors during NBA free agency.

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  1. I don’t suspect he’ll ever leave. That brother is an original. He’s there to stay till he calls it quits.

  2. Its funny cuz I bet Klay will still get paid more than Kemba and Gobert hahahaha

  3. doğaç soydemir

    Jalen lying straight to our face at 4:39 by saying “he didnt said he would leave 30 million dollars for rings” for klay, klay just says exactly opposite of that on 4:04 ? Reporter asks “How are you able to roll off that your back given there’s money implications?” Klay answers “ RİNGS”. how stupid they think their viewers are really? Whats the meaning of this? An agenda? Bad journalism? İt wasnt even a minute ago like come on!

  4. Queenbee Minion

    I though this was Zane Hajazi in the thumbnail oops

  5. There is 4 players out of 2019 Team Giannis

  6. I feel bad because he missed out in 30 million and now he’s only elgible for 100 plus million…. Get the fuck outta here!!

  7. JAlen thank you for some player insight.

  8. The fact that NBA clubs cant just pay players whatever they want regardless of whether they make an all nba team is ridiculous. It should be up to the club and player. Salary shouldnt be dictated by media voted teams

  9. Who cares we only care that KD is leaving thb

  10. I’ve been saying for years that Klay is the most important Warrior. Remember guys that Klay saved the Warriors from losing the series against OKC when KD was on the team a couple years ago. Klay is the most dangerous player on the team, he gives you offense & defense. Every team should be after him when free agency starts.?

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