Kiriko | New Hero Gameplay Trailer | Overwatch 2

🦊 Introducing Kiriko 🦊

Watch the latest wall climbing, Kunai-wielding support hero in action!

Overwatch 2 arrives free-to-play October 4.


  1. Let’s gooooo supporters🔥🔥

  2. Music name ?

  3. Cat girls? What is this, a copy of Final Fantasy?

  4. I’m sorry, Mercy…

  5. This is amazing, and I the best thing is that only ow1 player can play her, epic I feel special

  6. weebs are so disgusting

  7. キティニャー

    shes cute but looks very annoying abilities lol

  8. Her ultimate is like Mad maggie ult?

  9. Can we have her in heroes of the storm?

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