Kirby’s RETURN To Return to Dream Land DELUXE | He’s Back Like He Never Left

After over ten years, Kirby’s Return to Dream Land from the Wii is back on Switch as Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe! And he’s brought some extras! Naturally, I go on for far too long about this subject matter.

▶ Intro Animated By Piranhartist –

▶ Consider picking up a shirt!:


  1. 3:21 Incorrect date alert! The Wii date here is the Wii U eShop re-release date, rather than the original release date of October 24th (NA) or 27th (JP) 2011. Apologies for that slipping through the cracks!

  2. more like magalor apple-log

  3. I luv Kirby
    I luv people who luv Kirby

  4. #justiceforkeeby

  5. Jose Humberto Castorena Hernandez

    I love how we are so well fed as Kirby fans we are championing for keeby, a toast for humanity never being too complacent

  6. Why the tf does a random Kirby game of all things get more attention paid to its remaster than most ports on the Switch ??

  7. Andreas Westerveld


  8. Dragonkingeevee Gen1

    I’m absolutely going to get this and Star Allies to I currently got Forgotten Land and already beat main and post game but the final tournament oh boy I don’t think I’m winning that one

  9. They shadowdropped Kirby’s Dream Land 2 for Nintendo Switch Online literally yesterday.

  10. My dude just gave up about saying to take a break with Kirby and just said screw it six months to Kirby reviewin time

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