Kirby’s Dream Buffet – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Starved for some 4-player Kirby fun? Race through tasty impediment courses, assemble the most strawberries, and thwart your contest using familiar talents.

Get ready, Kirby’s Dream Buffet launches exclusively in Nintendo eShop this summer! #Kirby

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  1. Tiny Kirby, beeg cakes, thickness contest, the presence of what appears to be Master and Crazy Hand, the _Kirbros_

    Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is the ultimate Kirby game!!

  2. SGB: #Saveukriaine 🇺🇦

    Well.. look who’s Back

  3. So it’s fall guys but Kirby… I love it!

  4. So Kirby Party Fall Guys? I’m in!

  5. so exciteddd

  6. Emma Go To My .ChanneI! L!VE-NOW

    Can we just appreciate (well the entire game but also) how expressive the animations are? Kirby’s animation to both first seeing the cake and winning have just the most adorable smile and eyes and even Hands look super excited during the results

  7. Tbh I have not been a huge fan of Kirby ever since the Gameboy games BUT HE LOOKS SO ADORBS HERE WHEN HE SMILES AND KYAH

  8. This game looks amazing! I can’t wait to finish it on YouTube when it comes out.


    Eu amo essa bolinha cor de rosa, não tem como odiar kirby

  10. Poppie Blanchard

    time for failboat to make “kirby’s scream buffet” it’ll come eventually

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