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In the 2nd highest scoring match-up in NBA history, the Sacramento Kings overcame the LA Clippers in dual extra time, 176-175. Malik Monk filmed a career-high 45 points for the Kings, while De’Aaron Fox added 42 points and 12 assists in the victory. Kawhi Leonard summed a season-high 44 points (16-22 FG) for the Clippers, while Russell Westbrook added 17 points, 5 rebounds, and 14 assists in his Clipper debut. The Kings improve to 34-25 on the season, while the Clippers fall to 33-29.

This night’s match-up marks the 2nd highest scoring game in NBA history, trailing only:
Detroit Pistons (186) vs. Denver Nuggets (184) on 12/13/1983 (370 points) (3OT)

The Sacramento Kings and the LA Clippers scored the third and fourth most points, respectively, in a single game in NBA history:
Detroit Pistons: 186 Points on 12/13/1983
Denver Nuggets: 184 Points on 12/13/1983
Sacramento Kings: 176 Points on 02/24/2023
LA Clippers: 175 Points on 02/24/2023

The Clippers 26 3pt FGM this night marks a new franchise record, formerly:
25 3pt FGM on 08/01/2020

The Clippers and Kings compounded for 44 3pt FGM on this night, binding the record for most compounded 3pt FGM in a single game in NBA history:
Houston Rockets (25) and Milwaukee Bucks (19) on 05/07/2021


  1. Wasn’t that Monk guy on the Lakers before?

  2. I told so many people early on de’aaron Fox his career that he reminds me of Kenny Anderson and he’s going to be great one day I’m glad he’s starting to come around I always seen in him

  3. dont look like HD to me

  4. Proved you don’t need 3 Stars in your team to win.

  5. Was the first quarter boring? How did it start with tip off to a minute left score 34 to 29?

  6. The Adventure of Letsugas

    this is what you get on having RUSS westbrook.

  7. WorkWithPA Basketball

    I’m not sure why Powell didn’t just hit Kawhi for the last shot. Down 1 with him posting that close to the basket with 6 seconds left… They gon have a time showing him that on the iPad

  8. Wow that’s a lot of points

  9. they give Kawhi the last shot

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