KINGDOM HEARTS 20th Anniversary Trailer

• Cloud versions of Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5, 2.8 and 3 (+Re Mind) are coming to Nintendo Switch
• KH Union χ[Cross] Theater Mode
• The final chapter of KH Dark Road arrives later this year
• Brand-new products
• A 20th anniversary event


  1. Switch Players: “What only cloud???? Wow Square how low of you!”
    PC Players: “Um we got the exact same thing for cloud only as well, suck it up buttercup”

    Switch Players forgetting that Kingdom Hearts has to go through 3 businesses to make this transition happen.
    Square Enix > Nintendo > Disney

    And I did say Disney probably wanted a big cut out of this in some way.
    So going through the right channels Square did what they could.

    Be grateful, kids.

  2. Cloud version?! Really??? ….

  3. Nomura, you are incredible.

  4. It’s a good day for being a kingdom heart fan

  5. The cloud versions? Really, Square?

  6. Fluffy Sunflower

    Can we please stop with this “cloud” nonsense.

  7. Jeroen van den Broek

    Cloud versions on Nintendo Switch. For games that ran on the consoles of two generations ago. What have you guys been smoking? 1.5 and 2.5 can run on Switch just fine and you should have just ported them. You won’t be seeing a penny from me.

  8. Mario Ambros ceballos

    even tho i love kingdom hearts we deserved better than mediocre cloud versions, come on square enix, listen to the fans you still have time to reconsider, don’t let these precious games go to waste because of your lazy effort

  9. Ima wait for the physical copies to come out, but I got my eye out for that chess set

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