King Charles III takes the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth II l ABC7

Prince Charles has been making ready for the crown his whole life. Now, at age 73, that moment has finally arrived. Charles, the oldest person to ever assume the British throne, became King Charles III on Thursday after the death of his mom, Queen Elizabeth II. MORE:


  1. 2:06 uncles granddaughter? Uh🤔 it ain’t adding up

  2. King? One who never suffered in poverty? Who never attended public schools? Who feasted and dined daily at the finest restaurants? Never once washed his own underwear and the family laundry? Nor once vaccumed the house floor. Never once lifted his finger to push the grocery trolly. All work done by his nanny and butler and bodyguards.

    King? One who has never experienced stomach hunger nor lived daily in the squatters to be with the young mother who just lost her baby to illness? King? What greatness did Charles have or has done to be King over England?

    A big JOKE.

  3. a parasitic infestation of racist elitist eugenicists on the planet

  4. He will never be king

  5. Same time with nwo…last service with illumination

  6. I thought he couldn’t be king bc he is divorced?

  7. congratufackinlations, may you be next!

  8. 偉大的女王讓自由世界的人民懷念

  9. Labour Is Not In Vain

    NWO WEF ID2020 IA2030

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