King Charles III & Queen Camilla

The United Kingdom has a new King. On September eighth, 2022, at this time of his mom, Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Charles, as her eldest son and inheritor evident, acceded the throne and became King. Within hours it was touted that he would reign under the regnal name of Charles III, finishing years of hypothetical that he might choose a different designation, feasible that hos his Grandfather, George. Another matter of contention was the title his spouse, Camilla would use. That too was cleared up when it was authenticated that she will be Queen Consort. In truth she is England’s first commoner queen consort in 475 years, since Henry VIII passed away in 1547 and his final spouse, Catherine Parr was downgraded to Queen dowager.
On the September tenth the accession council meet at St. James’s Palace, as they have since the 1603 to declare Charles King. More about that later. However you may feel about Charles personally or the Monarchy in general, he is the modern link in a chain going back a thousand years. Let’s take a look at the fascinating, often controversial lives of the new King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth realms.

Music: Brandenburg Concerto No4-1 BWV1049 – Classical Whimsical by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.


  1. The biggest mistake Queen made not let Charles to marry Camilla …

  2. Camilla should go out, she is not worth at all for any position, she killed Diana

  3. Why is he king? Didn’t his grandfather nit become a king because he married a divorced woman… Camila is divorced

  4. A shamful king and his shameless mistress / wife… Neither worth the respect

  5. i never understood why they married but once the narrator said they were middle aged and unable to have children that’s when it all clicked. Camilla was no longer a threat. How sad, they got what they wanted from Diana and only allowed Charles to wed after a certain point. A sad love story.

  6. Karma Will get them both later or sooner


    New Queen Consort hopefully with the perk of a new hairstyle

  8. Diana is the most tragic figure in this story. Used, unloved, cheated on, and ultimately discarded. If Charles and Camilla were honest people, they would leave the throne to Prince William. Similar to how Edward VIII abdicated his throne for love of a divorced American woman.

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