Killer American Akita has a love affair with the blow dryer

Kuma and 5 year old American Akita likes vitiating me for evident reasons.

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  1. 1:12 How can you bring your head that close to this beast and not having a slight doubt what if he suddenly decides to bite it off?

    • @Anthony Mitchell right??? Chihuahuas and yorkies are genuinely vicious and owners rarely take them to be trained because they think those dogs can’t hurt anyone.

  2. Ha Frolic…

  3. Just found your channel, liked and subscribed 🙂

  4. Alexander Gennaro

    That dog is smart enough to know he doesn’t have to prove anything!

  5. 2:21 I guess the haircut sleepies is something that transcends further than just the human species.

  6. He kinda looks fat compared to the Japanese Akita! I guess he isn’t called “American” Akita for nothing….

  7. Now there is a puppy dog that is thoroughly enjoying his spa day. Lol

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