Kia EV6 GT: Almost Perfect!

Fun with 1 deadly imperfection

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro


  1. Love the Siri interruption

  2. that horrible logo

  3. it is weird that the 21 Sorento has wireless charger and this more expensive model doesn’t

  4. My conclusion: this car sucks!!! Design is trash too 😂 why not just get a Tesla and call it a day???

  5. The way he said please at the end I’m with you Marques, almost perfect for the price

  6. Wish you would have said $65,000 in the beginning and I would have saved myself some time…lol

  7. Hyundai and Kia understate the range dramatically. Actual range is maybe 30-40% greater.

    Tesla overstates capability.

  8. Interesting when I was at the Philly auto show wireless CarPlay was advertised in the demo mode the giving rides to people in but when u go to a dealership it is indeed wired I wonder if it’s a software thing?

  9. I was looking to get the EV6 GT until they jacked up the prices and now costs more than the Model 3 performance. Doesn’t make sense anymore.. The motor technology is amazing in the EV6 GT, but the M3P is a much more fun drive overall. Cargo volume of the EV6 GT was ridiculously small considering its body shape. Not having a proper frunk is a pretty big deal when you try to have a road trip with 4 people and their luggage, not to mention the fact that you can’t use superchargers or reliable charging station based routing. All in all, they’d need to knock off at least EUR 15,000 for me to consider it again as my next car.

  10. i could live with the limited range of a 580 hp car but i could not live with the M3Y and Mach-e GT dealbrakers. the M3/Y Performance power drops significantly below 70% SoC while the EV6 GT maintains its power output down to 40 % SoC. the Mach-e GT has less hp and a higher price tag as the EV6. and whats worst it takes almost an hour to charge 10-80%

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