Khloe, Kim, Kylie & Kourt Learn of Tristan-Jordyn Scandal | KUWTK | E!

The family goes into a frenzy when receiving news about the scandal involving Khloe’s then-BF Tristan & Kylie’s then-BFF Jordyn. See the actual moment on “KUWTK.”

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Khloe, Kim, Kylie & Kourtney Learn of Tristan-Jordyn Scandal | KUWTK | E!


  1. this is going to be the only episode i will ever watch of kuwtk.

  2. To be honest, I feel like Jordan didnt tell because she felt ashamed. The Kardashians tend to be over dramatic and unforgiving when your even telling truth.

  3. Ugh my heart breaks for her all over again. How devastating but I love how close these sisters are, true best friends – I love when Kim says merge….???❤️

  4. Now I know Tristan is the biggest dog and deserves most of the blame but Jordyn is a mess. If she didn’t do anything wrong she wouldn’t have felt like she needed to keep it secret. Also in this clip she didn’t remember if they kissed but on red table talk she was so sure he kissed her. Girl bye your story isn’t adding up. She’s just as guilty as that old dirty dog!

  5. Ellen Fan Channel

    I’m not really a fan lf them BUT I’M DEFINITELY WATCHING THE NEXT EPISODE.
    Its gonna be littttt

  6. Ong good night

  7. I highly doubt they just happen to have scandals everytime a new season comes out. I would honestly believe they are so money hungry that they’d make themselves look bad for ratings and money.

  8. Ima watch this cus I been watch y’all forever . Buhh gurrrl ???‍♀️ nah jordyn to blame she messy but Tristan is a NARCISSISTIC MANIPULATOR

  9. In the dating game, as soon as we leave, memories slowly fade, and new flirtations arise.

  10. I’m going to say this loud and clear but……………

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