KG & Matt Barnes break down why Deandre Ayton got dominated by Jokic | KG CERTIFIED

On the newest episode of Ticket & The Truth, Matt Barnes fills in for Paul Pierce and joins Kevin Garnett. The two break down Deandre Ayton’s struggles vs. Nikola Jokic and what the Suns large man needs to do to take his game to the next level next season.

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  1. Johnathan Blazer

    Truth is no one can stop joker

  2. Johnathan Blazer

    J9ker would give kd the business and vice versa

  3. Johnathan Blazer

    From the beginning the sun’s haven’t run much plays for ayton. It’s the 3 pointer that runs the nba

  4. Ayton has Ben overrated sense giannis destroyed him in the finals

  5. Gadd - Levi Sound

    To hear KG talk about Ayton makes me know the game is different now. I feel Ayton has changed from his rookie year till now. Personally I think Phoenix’s problem is Chris Paul. I think Ayton is one of these Kevin Durant types that believe in show me don’t tell me MF, Chris Paul sometimes over coaches and this can annoy individuals. Monty is the coach but Chris and his experience often talks like the coach but Chris aint been available at the most crucial of times, and the pound post up slow play of Chris dont suit the uptempo run style of Ayton. This is why I feel from what I’ve seen Ayton disengaged..

  6. Why are we talking about Jokic? He’s white. One good white player. Why is the NBA so racist towards black folk they already supoort the longstanding 60 plus years of Democrat leadership which has rendered them to a paltry and stagnant population rate of only 14pct! Wale up racists!

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