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  1. why doesn’t tim have a youtube channel, that guy is way funnier than danny

  2. Connection to Western Technologies
    Forced organ harvesting is not an issue that involves merely China. “Eminent [Western] medics are starting to look back uncomfortably on decades of “constructive engagement” with the Chinese medical establishment – those all-expenses-paid trips to lecture budding surgeons, and the profitable arrangements to train batches of them in the west,” wrote the article.

    Professor Russell Strong, a world-renowned Australian transplant doctor, called last October, “on all Chinese surgeons to be banned from western hospitals to prevent them using the skills they pick up there in the organ harvesting market.”

    “All this implies a disturbing question. Namely, has the west aided and abetted China’s organ harvesting industry?” explained the article, “Or, in more human terms, if Yang had stuck around in Beijing to have her living heart cut out, might that surgeon have received relevant training from a British university, or even the NHS (National Health Service)?”

    A Supply Chain
    One known fact is that that global demand for organs vastly outstrips legitimate supply. Professor Martin Elliott from London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital said organs are often desperately sought. This led to an organ tourism market worth about $1.7 billion a year. A Japanese woman even paid $5 million for a liver, the article stated.

    These transplant “agents” are available in many countries and health insurance companies in Israel even used to offer help to clients finding such agents in China. Although such incentives are understandable, “what is less clear to the casual observer is how in a couple of short decades China managed to become the organ transplant centre of the world.”

    Wayne Jordash QC, founder of Global Rights Compliance, tried to find the answer. “At the beginning of the 2000s the PRC leapt from a follower to a leader of transplantation technology,” he said. “Transplant tourists and Chinese citizens were reported to have access to a matched organ within weeks or months, in comparison to other countries where patients could be on a transplant waiting list for years despite well-established donation systems.”

    The next question is the source of the ample supply of these organs. The Chinese authorities said in 2009 that two-thirds of organs used for transplantations were taken from death row prisoners. “But that simply didn’t stack up. From 2000, the number of executions following a death penalty sentence declined, while the transplantation system grew exponentially,” explained the article.

    That is why people turned to Falun Gong, a meditation system harshly suppressed by Chinese Communist Party (CCP). “Mass arrests followed. Since then the number of Falun Gong practitioners who have fallen victim to forced organ harvesting are, conservatively, estimated to amount to hundreds of thousands,” wrote the article, “According to Sir Geoffrey Nice’s China Tribunal, 60,000 to 100,000 transplantations took place annually between 2000 and 2014, with Falun Gong practitioners serving as the principal source.”

    Several years after forced organ harvesting was exposed, China said in 2010 that organ procurement from executed prisoners would end in 2015 and be replaced with voluntary donation. “But experts don’t believe that for a minute. They point out that the number of organs used in China for transplantations greatly outstrips the number that could ever be garnered from voluntary donation,” wrote the article.

  3. Tim’s a nice guy chain?

  4. Sara glittermepink

    Haha as soon as I saw the bench in the hallway I thought about The Liver King and then he popped up on the screen

  5. Tim’s a bice guy

  6. Mostly now I just want Danny to do a ghost hunting video.

  7. toiletmaster304

    i like this

  8. Teove Zavrzlame

    Tim’s a nice guy

  9. I know this is your second channel where you like to get a little goofy (aka different from your main channel), but I have an teensy weensy suggestion for a video. react to girl vs. monsters on Disney, becausee I’m sure you’ll find it wacky and silly, and most of all, goofy. Not only will taking this tubular advice give you a free video idea, but the video could get you moneeeey. #Dannysleepparalysis #nutcracker4life #jonasbrothers #sparklingwater #gameads P.S. – you should wear sweaters more often, the only shirt trap edits of you r in sweaters, give the fans what they want. #sweater4life

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