Kevin Gates – Return Of The Mack

The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Kevin Gates.


  1. Gates consistent ?

  2. “On God I’mma like this comment”

    You said it God is watching you

  3. Ron and I gunna work and get linked up then we gunna climb to the top clicked up. Proclamation to ya Big G. look at em all Stand an Salute U. I don’t need the money and fame. The power is to change the world, the devotion is to better myself eryday for myself and my family. on word. Heard and Seen

  4. The Trey King Show

    The blonde hairstyle must be very popular now!

  5. it mothafucka dope,I’ll put it in the car.

  6. Not impressed by these basic ass bars lol

  7. Finnally dropped it eyy

  8. What the duck happened to 900k su scribers he had

  9. lemon soda ice cream waffles muffins n sh!t

    This isn’t gay or homo

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