Kevin Gates – Bad For Me (Official Music Video)

Kevin Gates – Bad For Me (Official Music Video)
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  1. ON POINT 😎

  2. You still sticking your fingers down hoes throats at your concert

  3. Denise Always Loving Musiq

    Looking good Gates love the video 💖🎶💖🎶💖🎶

  4. Keeps em coming like they’re on a conveyor belt. 🙏💜

  5. ohhh so he was talkin bout brittany when he said nicca bet not play with anything he loves 👌

  6. 2 years sober cause of you. #GATESSAVESLIFES

  7. Zavisha Haugabook

    Kevin is so damnnnnnn fine 😏😏🤤🤤😏😏

  8. wat did i just see

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