Kevin Durant On Signing w/ Nets, Considering Knicks & Wizards, Time In GS + Names Top 5 Rappers

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant showed up to Ebro in the Morning to have a discussion on why he chose to sign with the team, if he ever considered playing for the Knicks or his hometown Washington Wizards, his time with the Golden State Warriors, whether or not he feels he brought back too soon from injury and more.

He in addition gave us an update on his well-being, and whether or not Nets fans can anticipate him to get on the court.

Before leaving, he named his top 5 rappers at this time & who he feels merits more of the spotlight.

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  1. Traitor/good time player meaning he’s only around for the good times going get tough he’s out keep that in mind Brooklyn. Good luck with yo little primadonna. Smh talking about gunna in his top 5 ? yea the bay don’t want u

  2. It’s crazy when he called himself a flawless player I instantly had no rebuttal for it. He’s the only player in mind that has a flawless game.

  3. IDK has such a dope flow. Super surprised they brought him up though lol

  4. No, you don’t listen well. You were suppose to do what your fans want you to do! Lol.

  5. This dude Ebol is a bum..

    Dude from Sacramento acting like he’s from New York..?..joke

    • carlos p he’s been living in New York for some years in he’s just catching the accent you live in a certain for years in start acting like the people from for instance I’m from Chicago but I live in Mississippi I been living there since 2006 I was 11 when I moved to Mississippi in now I’m 24 in I got to Mississippi I was so damn proper but Now I talk hella country been there for 13 years

  6. the new Knicks GM was a Knicks former player. How could you not want to a new knicks player?

  7. why don’t they let the lady ask any questions ?

  8. #StephBetter

  9. Best player in the world

  10. -Draymond-
    Omg sorry I meant Donkey

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