Kevin and Cleetus Have Beef??? Danger Ranger Qualifying!!

We head over to Bradenton and pop by the @Cleetus McFarland race shop to settle a giant issue before it even goes public, and then we head over to the racetrack to begin tuning the trucks up for the race at the Freedom Factory.

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  1. You win the Danger Ranger and now we’re breaking up???? What a roller coaster of emotions 😂

  2. With all that Florida snow you really need good straws

  3. Lovely bit of click bait @ksr! You’ve come a long way! Well done

  4. Damn i wanted to se a fight lol

  5. That gearbox must crying for help after the race hahaha

  6. First of all, congrats on winning the Danger Ranger Kev.. Awesome showing and well deserved for the effort.
    I am not sure if a few missed it but the look in Cleetus’s eyes and the welling of emotion… that is a true friendship. R U OK really means something here. Well done to both of you…Compadre’s, Cars, & Children… what could be better.

  7. Landscaping Specialist

    Mmmmmmm beef 🍔🤤🍔

  8. juniatariverotter

    Why can’t people just enjoy the show and quit making stuff up.

  9. Paper straws?? Ur serious?? Never heard of such a thang…..

  10. Papper straws are awful. What ever type of glue they use for them taste like crap.

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