Kendall Jenner Opens Up About Anxiety, Insecurity, & How To Be Truly Happy! | Jay Shetty

Today, I sit down with the one and only Kendall Jenner. Kendall is an effective business founder, global fashion model, founder of the unbelievably effective tequila brand, 818, and star on the Hulu’s, the Kardashians, which premieres in second season on September 22nd.

Kendal shows us a different side of her as she shares how her curiosity for folks with superior minds and doing so much to return the favor to the world has eventually led to this interview. Behind the glamor and spotlight, she particularly takes pleasure in having some time alone with herself, and she values the significance of setting thresholds and why we should do things that lead to authentic joy. We discuss her childhood and her love for animals, how the easy things give her the most delights, getting through grief after losing a dear friend, and discovering the heart to be more kind to your internal kid.

Kendall remains grounded and in tune with her internal goddess and not letting negativity and ill intentions change who she is, who she may become, and the objective she resides by.

What We Discuss:
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:26 “I think I manifested this interview…”
00:09:53 “I grew up in a pony community.”
00:15:42 Craving the easy things
00:18:51 Setting thresholds for yourself
00:21:46 Putting yourself first
00:27:15 It’s meaningful to be elated
00:28:51 Reassuring yourself of who you truly are
00:33:06 Sometimes, family can be overpowering
00:35:54 Losing a dear friend
00:40:53 Finding a new intention
00:45:38 Stop being mean to your inward kid
00:50:24 Kendall on Final Five

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  1. Sarah Don't T[A]P Me!!

    She’s really grown on me since she’s been on this spiritual path. It’s always a joy to see such highly famous people have this mentality; I can only imagine it’s even harder to tap into when you’re at their level with all the distractions they have. Good for you Kendal

  2. Анна Соболева

    Kendall I adore her soooo much!

  3. It hits different coming from Serena or Venus . They rode their Father’s wave .

  4. Kendal is really the best human in the word. She has a big heart, she is human, she is a good person.
    Thanks so much Kendall for this interview and thanks so much Jay, of course.

  5. I right here .

  6. It was refreshing to see Kendall talk about how thankful she is to have the life she has, and I feel like us as fans forget that celebrities are people just alike and that this life may be just as shocking to them as it is to us.

  7. Hearin half baked underlearned guidence is probably 1 of the most irritating cuz it misleads so many young minds..this is the mind of a young kid who makes bad decisions and googles disorders to excuse her poor life choices.

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