Ken Carson “Freestyle 2” Official Lyrics & Which means | Verified

Increasing star Ken Carson says his hit song “Freestyle 2” is really quite personal. “That song is the definition of me,” he tells Genius. “I make songs all day. I make a million songs but that one song determines who I truly am.”

While track might define Ken, it is in addition reached an abundance of others. Since its release as a part of Carson’s “X” LP, “Freestyle 2” has been streamed more than 20 million times on Spotify to date. In this episode of VERIFIED, the Opium rap artist breaks down the afflatus behind the track and his gratitude for Rob Zombie, fashion, colognes, and more.

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  1. Uncle Ken made it 😭❤️

  2. kennyyyy

  3. Can’t look at opium the same :/

  4. hes so funny😭😭

  5. Ken look old asf
    No disrepsect 🤣

  6. this is so opium

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