Ken Block Shreds 11,500rpm Audi V8 DTM Car & e-tron Vision GT

On part three of our trip to Audi HQ in Ingolstadt, Germany, I get to try my hand at two more crazy Audi race vehicles. First up, we pull Hans Stuck’s championship winning DTM vehicle from the stable at Audi Tradition and let its 11,5000 rpm v8 wail. Then We head back to Audi’s test track in Neuburg to drive the e-tron Vision GT, an automobile first constructed digitally for the game Grand Tourismo and then built in real life by the engineers at Audi.

Rad gear that The Hoonigans make for me:



  1. Audis history is so underrated compared to bmw and merc.They deserve more

  2. Great video up until the toaster powered battery ridden shitbox

  3. Omg the sounds <3!!!

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