Ken Block Rips Legendary Rally Machines From Audi’s Secret Storage

On part two of our trip to Audi HQ in Ingolstadt, Germany, we pop by Audi Tradition, the brand’s secret storage facility where they let me drive not one but TWO of the most iconic rally automobiles of all time. Walter Röhrl’s Monte Carlo winning Group B Sport Quattro S1 E2, and the top secret Group S prototype vehicle (that only 5 folks had driven former to me). Childhood dream type things!!

Rad gear that The Hoonigans make for me:



  1. Ken is probably one of the only people to ever drive an rs200 and an rs002

  2. I can’t wait to see Ken drive a modern Audi on some rally stages!

  3. Nice! Mikkola <3

  4. The RS 002 looks like a bunny but its a proper wolf.

  5. I’m not even an Audi fanboy but my girlfriend told me I was smiling the whole video and I didn’t even know it….

  6. Scotto sounds like nads @ 4:13

  7. 5-cyl is the best hands down!

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