Keith Lee Returns To AEW With His Sights Locked on Swerve Strickland | AEW Rampage, 2/17/23

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Keith Lee Returns To AEW With His Sights Locked on Swerve Strickland | AEW Rampage, 2/17/23

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  1. Keith out there lookin like a 60 year old man. He’s only 38

  2. That added crowd noise when Lee’s music hit lmao c’mon bruh

  3. Keith Lee looks like an old man with the hair

  4. They should have just gave Swerve a cheap win and then beat Dustin down. But I guess they’re going with a Tag match next.

  5. That Parker kid has the agility of Vince McMahon on ice.

    Sloppy AF.

  6. Three of my favorite professional wrestlers on screen at once: Rhodes, Strickland and Lee.

  7. I really wish wrestlers would stop doing these spinning moves. Just punch him! And also the dumb move when they flip to the bottom rope and pull themselves back up and then do a move. Its UNNECESSARY ENERGY WASTING. Its not believable and it looks stupid.

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