Keith Eats Everything At Domino’s

Let me purchase you pizza! Watch Keith eat everything from Domino’s on this episode of #EatTheMenu!

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  1. Maria de-flower me now

    It blows my mind to see how huge fast food menus are in the US. If this was Eat The Menu Domino’s Canada this video would be 15 minutes long

  2. becky and keith did not react enough to her moms joke for me

  3. Keith and Becky really share a brain cell in this episode and I love it

  4. garlic parmesan coom shot wing

  5. Bring back the crispy melt damnit is been 14 years

  6. I think Domino’s crust is my favorite, not sure if they changed it but it was super seasoned and crunchy but soft in the center, last time I had it years ago.

  7. domino’s is better than it used to be.

    Is it good? eeeeeehhhhhhh…..

  8. Domino’s Pasta is better, because Pizza Hut has TWO FLAVORS
    Domino’s Desert is better, because COOKIE BROWNIE IS FUCKING AWESOME

  9. while the feta and spinach cheesy bread isn’t great, it made me realize I like Spinach and Feta

  10. Hawaiian pizza was actually invented by Canada😂

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