Keith Eats Everything At Costco

Eat The Menu is back, and this time Keith indulges in your favorite supermart, Costco! What food objects are Keith’s favorite, and which one’s are not worth the membership? Watch and figure out!

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Becky Habersberger

Alex Lewis

Hughie Stone Fish

Kwesi James

Ryan Garcia

Jared Popkin

Marissa Rivera

Mishelle Martin

Licensed from AudioNetwork

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Official Try Guys Photos
By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto

Chris LaPointe – Director of Photography

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  1. So fun! Come to our concert! Link in all of our social bios!

  2. Keith’s sauce should be in the vodka 37:09 bottle

  3. This is a reminder that all Liars, drunkards, idolaters, blasphemers, adulterers, Abortionist, Murderers, Homosexuals, money lovers, racist, Muslims, drug addicts, forincators, porn addicts, pagans, thieves, hypocrites , lukewarm Christians, trans, and devil worshippers, if you don’t turn to Jesus you will be thrown into hell for all eternity

  4. i love the chicken bake LOL

  5. ALEX YO I HAVE THE SAME FEAR WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THAT IKR!?!?!? I stopped drinking a year ago because I had some stomach issues to begin with and it wasn’t worth the fear of thinking about feeling more sick. I feel ya dude

  6. The chicken bake used to be way better before Covid. They used to be fresh, but now they serve the frozen ones that you can buy in the box

  7. Do a group cheesecake factory eat the menu, not just Keith cause he might actually die that is a suicide mission

  8. I wanted so bad for those wilde chips to be good 😩

  9. This is not a good series, please stop having Keith over eat on camera for the sake of a series and views.

  10. Wow, this video was glorious. HOWEVER, not as glorious as *_the Motherland, the Soviet Union! Visit your nearest enlisting station and FIGHT!_*

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