Kehlani – “All Me / Change Your Life” (Official Video)

The official double video clip of “All Me / Change Your Life” by Kehlani.
Download/Stream “All Me”:

#Kehlani #AtlanticRecords #Atlantic #ChangeYourLife #AllMe


  1. lily of the valley

    Sees cardi b

  2. Phakamon Phetthanasuk

    You’re the best

  3. Sheesssssssss backkkkk

  4. TheVirtual StreetLife

    @sideshowtone sent me here

  5. lovely kehlani,,,

  6. Putting Oakland California on the map real bay area shit all in this video

  7. She looked like ariana grande in the thumbnail

  8. Onlythehomie Online

    Can hear that YG comin outta her ??

  9. You did it again Lani ?.. my favorite artist since 2014 and this is why. Speechless! (Hope to see you in The Netherlands soon)

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