Keegan-Michael Key Has Wept With Stephen

‘Friends From University’ star Keegan-Michael Key was one of two folks blubbering in an uncontrolled manner at a play in New York. The other was Stephen Colbert.

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  1. @ 5:48 did Steven just say his name as “Keagle”- Michael Key??? LMAO

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  3. Every racist in the audience laughed when Keegan-Michael Key mentioned is irish roots. The quick chuckle and then confused stifling of chuckles makes me think that non-racists gave them the look your mom gives you when you laugh at a funeral. “But mom, he died of Boneitis!”

  4. 3:11 had to look it up. The word is Verklempt – overcome with emotion

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    *Tonight shows don’t need the extra promotion in the trending section. Fix your algorithm YouTube*

  6. Key funny…So im a new Youtuber go add me and the first 20 people to join will get something…dont add just join…u scared????

  7. The end is near by 2025 people will began to realize its true but it would be in vain

  8. Absolutely brilliant and would love to see more of him on the show with, Stephen.

  9. i miss dave and chapelle.

  10. I love seeing guys like this admit to weeping over performances. Non-toxic masculinity is awesome.

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