Keane & Neville slam ‘unendurable’ situation at Man Utd after disastrous begin to the season!

They lost 2-1 to Brighton but who was to blame: the players, the supervisor, or the board?


  1. Idrissa Gueye is a better midfielder than any Utd defensive mid and he’s on the way to bloody Everton 😂. Should have also dug deep for Rice. Pair of workhorses.

  2. Shame MU a player like ronaldo is still far more better than anyone in the MU squde and bench him make me laugh

  3. Lalthang Khuptong

    now we can see how good Jose mourinho was! so sad that they sacked him

  4. Keane looks like an angry gnome.

  5. Long live united

  6. Be patient. change is coming. Give Ten Hag some time.

  7. True united are giving their 1000000% that’s why they leave players unmarked to score and beat by brighton lmao

  8. Love how emotional they get 🤣

  9. Why United have persisted with two defensive mid fielders for years now when it clearly doesn’t work, is ridiculous. If you are playing with two such players, then both shouldn’t be caught out of position. If one is further up the pitch, the other should be covering. They also, for the past two years, haven’t in a tactical sense, made the best use of the players, like Rashford, who have pace and skill. Rashford’s impact has lessened because his isn’t being used in his best position. The malaise has spread throughout the entire club. Owners who are not local and don’t have the club as their first priority, executives without football knowledge making important decisions, signing players who don’t fit (de Maria), who aren’t needed (Sanchez) and in some instances the signing has seemed to be just so another club doesn’t get the player (Lukaku) and appointing managers who aren’t attacking minded or tactically competent. The only element that has remained in the MU tradition is the passion of the fans and that is being sorely tested with the poor product that is being offered and the lack of signs of improvement. I have been a United fan literally since the day I was born. My mother is a Manchester girl and started going to matches in the late 1940s. My brother and I were born on a Saturday afternoon, just a few hours before United beat Newcastle 5-0. Our 50th birthday was also on a Saturday when United again beat Newcastle by five goals. We migrated to Australia in the early 1960s and I have seen them play twice here when they have come as European Champions in 1968 and 1999. On trips back to the UK, I have seen them play at Old Trafford and in London. It hurts to see the state that this fine institution is currently in. The club must listen to those who have United in their DNA, that is the fans and players such as Gary Neville, Roy Keane and Paul Scholes.

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