KAY/O Agent Reveal Trailer – VALORANT

Seek all Radiants. Suppress their powers.

Closed down your opponents when KAY/O initializes with Episode 3.

Music by 2WEI.



  1. dibs

  2. is a storymode comming wtf

  3. So cool!

  4. Is he a sentinal?

  5. it’s a fucking banger @ 1:15

  6. Christoper Nolan is here ?

  7. Is he the robot we usually seen on iceboxxx !?!?!?!?

  8. So am I the only one that thinks his voice is very similar to Phoenix? I was expecting something more like a heavy titanfall voice

  9. The sun is there, but where are the shadows? Where are the shadows changed by movement?
    It’s a game that doesn’t care about the basics.

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