Kawhi proved he’s the greatest participant in the NBA – Jason Whitlock | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Jason Whitlock clarifies how Kawhi Leonard’s playoff performance proved he’s the greatest participant in the league. Hear what Whitlock had to mention about Kawhi leading the Toronto Raptors to the franchise’s first NBA Finals. Plus, can the Raptors dethrone the Golden State Warriors?

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  1. Speak For Yourself

    Do you think Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the NBA?

  2. Steve Angervil

    Let’s mix it up. Put KD on that Cavs team and LeBron on that GSW and it’s a sweep. Every dam time.

  3. The finals haven’t even started yet and y’all saying he’s the best player yea ok

  4. Who is that man on the far right? He is a total clown.

  5. The best player in the NBA to not win a championship

  6. Yes he did this whale called someone overweight

  7. Kawhi hasn’t proved it at all. Let’s see how the finals go then we can decide.

  8. Maan when another guy goes to the finals with, JR smith and Jordan clarkson as your 3rd and 4th best player holla at me

  9. This Rick guy is not good at analyzing. Should stick to reporting

  10. He is the best player he has done the most with least. That’s the standard we used for lebron.

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