Kawhi Leonard will consider 5 teams in free agency – Cris Carter reports | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

In advance of NBA free agency, Cris Carter reports Kawhi Leonard will consider 5 teams which includes the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, Toronto Raptors, New York Knicks and Nets in free agency, with Toronto as the current favorite.

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  1. First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

    Where will Kawhi Leonard sign in free agency?

    • @Justin Henderson it’s not all about chips

    • kursed parasite

      Justin Henderson …Kobe has 5…if Leonard wins 2 more he will have 4.

    • Kawhi will re-sign with the Toronto Raptors because they are the best team in the NBA league and world right now possessing the full potential to repeat as champions and win another which would be their second championship in franchise history. Thus, confident he’ll keep playing for the Raps and represent the city of Toronto as the King of the North in we the six movement! Two peat will happen next season and year for Canada’s only professional basketball team!

    • The nets

  2. baller_boy _jose

    Imagine him going to the spurs ?

  3. Nah. Kawhi either stays and builds a Raptors dynasty, or goes to the Clippers. If he could get a chip for the Clippers too then he’s automatically top 30 all-time

  4. He is not going to the Lakers.

  5. I doubt he is going to Clippers now that the Lakers have AD and no ball dominant player want to play with Lebron

  6. Kawhi will return to the Raptors because all of the players on the team complement his game and are the best full complete group of performers right now in the league. He’ll be crazy to sign with another team especially due to this teams future potential and becoming a major playoff threat now as defending champions. He’ll play for at least another year and one more season in order to help win two titles. Then after that, next team he’ll head to is the Clippers or Lakers mainly due to his family for living in their city together. That is the biggest reason for Leonard which is on his mind thinking about the off season move and decision as a free agent.

  7. i hope he goes to lakers.ad , lebron and kawhi will be the new super team and will win at least 3 more chips

  8. It’s not New York bc New York’s weather is just like Toronto’s?? And he won’t play with LeBron..
    raptors or clippers
    60% raptors 40 percent clippers

  9. People are sleeping on the Nets especially with Kyrie on the team. Kawhi would have a young center,and 3 very pg/sg’s at his disposal.

  10. IsubtoyouItoldu


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